What to feed a poorly dog?

What to feed a poorly dog?

What to feed a poorly dog – NOT chicken and rice!

If your dog has ever been under the weather with diarrhoea or vomiting, the most commonly prescribed ‘bland diet’ to settle the tummy back down by vets and ‘Social Media’ gurus is to feed your dog chicken and rice.  Time and time again we see this combination recommended.  If we look closer at this magical recipe you will see that blindly following advice based on little merit may not be the best solution.

My biggest bug bear with this recipe…

Rice. RICE? RICE!!!

Rice is a grain which, as many people now know, is unnecessary for a healthy dog diet.  It may seem bland but Rice is actually inflammatory and takes a lot of work for the body to break down – not ideal when we are trying to calm the tummy – remember, we’re trying to make it work less not more.


Boiled Chicken (with the skin removed) is a great bland protein.  We don’t have too many issues with this portion of the recipe although chicken is a common allergen for many dogs.  If your dog cannot tolerate chicken then better alternatives are boiled turkey mince or boiled white fish (such as haddock, cod, pollock) if not, chicken is a great go-to.

So what alternative can we use instead of the rice?

Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash or Pumpkin.

Steamed or boiled (pumpkin also comes canned which works well).  All of these items are rich in soluble fibre (the type that dissolves in water to form a viscous gel, which also coats and soothes irritated bowels.  Soluble fibre also helps to slow the transit time of the food leaving the body which, in turn, should slow the number of episodes of diarrhoea.

When your dog has diarrhoea they also lose important electrolytes including potassium which puts them at risk of dehydration, fatigue, weakness and cramping.  By including these superfoods, which are all high in potassium, you are giving your dog a much needed boost to get them on the road to recovery.

If your dog is suffering with a bout of diarrhoea, ensure that you give them a supply of fresh clean water at all time and that they continue to drink. Bone Broth is also excellent to keep hydration levels up.

If you want to help speed up the recovery process further, include a scoop of Tummy Calm in with your bland diet recipe to help firm up poos and settle the tummy quicker.

Feed little and often – a teaspoon of your bland diet recipe every hour is better than a large portion of food at regular meal times.

So there you have it, step away from the chicken and rice and try our alternative for a happier, healthier dog!

If in doubt or the upset continues for a prolonged period, always consult your vet to rule out underlying problems.

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