Safe Chews for Puppies

Safe Chews for Puppies

Safe Chews for Puppies - it's always a difficult decision to make.  Your tiny bundle of joy is so precious and you don't want to give them anything they shouldn't have.  So how do you choose what to give them?

With so many unhealthy puppy chew sticks on the market it can be hard to know where to start but you want to satisfy your pup's need to chew!  So we've listed our favourite, natural, safe and healthy products in age appropriate order (these ages are just suggestions, with puppies it's best to take it slowly and monitor tummies for any adverse effects.  ALWAYS supervise your puppy when giving treats)!

1) Cow Ears (suggested age 8 weeks+)

Cow ears are a perfect, low fat, tough chew for puppies.  One of the best chews for teething puppies, they satisfy their need to chew but as they contain virtually no fat, they are easy on the immature digestive system.

2) Pork Spaghetti (suggested age 8 weeks+)

Long thin chewy sticks of dehydrated pork intestine.  A great little chew for them to get their teeth stuck into but not so long lasting that they get bored.

3) Rabbit Ears (without fur) (suggested age 8 weeks+)

Rabbit Ears are more chewy than cow ears and with a little more moisture.  Low fat and easy to digest.  We recommend rabbit ears without fur for younger puppies but feel free to progress onto rabbit ears with fur once your pup is a little older for the added benefits of natural worming assistance (more info on this here).

4) Skinny Pizzles (suggested age 10 weeks+)

Pizzles (also known as Bully Sticks) are an all round brilliant chew!  They are quite tough so really fantastic for teething puppies.  Our Skinny version is perfect for smaller mouths. Can be frozen too which is nice and soothing on the gums.

5) Whitefish Jerky Mini Bites (suggested age 8 weeks+)

Our Fish Jerky Mini Bites are small cubes around 2cm square. They are naturally very crunchy and work as a brilliant dental chew as well as being packed with Omega oils for skin, coat and joint development.

6) Lamb Muscle Meat (suggested age 10 weeks+)

Different shaped pieces of dehydrated lamb muscle. Chewy, low fat and tasty whilst easy to digest.

7. Little Trainers Fish and Sweet Potato (suggested age 8 weeks+)

Our Little Trainers Fish and Sweet Potato are tiny nuggets of goodness, perfect for as puppy training treats.  Approx 500 pieces per 250g, these training treats are easy to digest and filled with nothing other than fish and potato.  That's it!


We produced our 'Puppy Chew Pack' specifically for our customers to purchase, safe in the knowledge that everything included inside it, is suitable for new puppies.  Containing a great mix of the different treats, it's a great way to try a wide range of proteins and treats without breaking the bank.

As always, if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Laura, Dolly & Reggie x

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