Dog's Dental Health

Dog's Dental Health

Natural Chews

The action of chewing is so good for a dog’s dental health; as long as they are chewing the right sort of chew for the right amount of time.

A chew that only lasts a minute won’t be doing your dog’s teeth any good.  It needs to be a chew that is chewed on for a good period of time, so that the chew scrapes against their teeth to help break down the build up of tartar and plaque on your dog’s teeth.  Chewing also releases antibacterial saliva and this also contributes to good dental health.  The length of time a chew lasts for depends on the dog. Some dogs are very gentle chewers where as some are super powerful chewers.  We have natural chews to suit all types of chewers from long lasting chews to our chew variety packs.  

The ingredients of the chew are also really import as poor quality ingredients can contribute to poor dental health.  There are certain brands of “dental sticks” that have very poor ingredients in them, these can cause issues with allergies, coat and skin issues, tartar and plaque build up to name a few.  We stock single protein chews that are long lasting and perfect for dental health.

Chewing is also a really good way to help calm your dog, this is perfect for stressful situations like Bonfire Night/New Year’s Eve.  Chewing releases endorphins which will help calm your dog.

Clean and Fresh Little Trainers

Our Clean and Fresh Little Trainers are part of our Remedial Treat range.  The Clean & Fresh recipe has been formulated to help reduce tartar build-up and promote good oral health  Manufactured for us in the UK, these treats are grain free, easy to digest and don't contain any hidden nasties.  Natural green tea extract has been added which is thought to help in controlling the bacteria which may contribute to poor oral health. Charcoal helps maintain white teeth and combat bad breath. Peppermint and Parsley naturally help neutralise bad breath.

Colloidal Silver

Our Colloidal Silver contains the purest silver and can be sprayed onto the teeth and gums, its antibacterial properties can help prevent any additional build up of plaque/tartar and can help with any ulcers or inflamed gums.  It won’t get rid of existing plaque and tartar but works so well alongside the use of long lasting natural chews.  Colloidal Silver won’t sting and doesn’t taste of anything so is not unpleasant for your dog to have sprayed in its mouth.  This is an amazing item, with so many uses and a staple for your doggy first aid kit.

Advice from the experts

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