Top ten Pupfluencers to follow NOW

Top Ten Pupfluencers to follow NOW

As 65% of pet owners reveal that they post all about their animals on their social media¹, and on average, post more than once a week¹, it’s clear that the love for pictures of our furry friends is stronger than ever.  

One in six pet owners even admit to making their dogs an Instagram account¹, and this is no surprise with the hashtag #dogsofinstagram going viral, with over 284m posts worldwide. With this in mind, we reveal ten pupfluencers you need to follow if your social media feed is lacking snaps of cute canine companions:

1. @jiffpom - 9.7m followers

Having 17,241 average likes and the potential of earning between $19,307 - $32,178 per paid post on Instagram, this pup has got influencing all worked out. Jiff Pom is a Pomeranian puppy from Los Angeles who dresses up, runs around and does all kinds of cute things for his audience. From being in Katy Perry's ‘Dark Horse’ music video to gaining a Guinness World Record for being the fastest dog on two paws, he’s had a very successful doggy career and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. 

While Jiff Pom has an undoubtedly large following on Instagram, he has an even larger audience on the up-and-coming social platform, Tiktok. With a staggering 20.5m followers, he’s a very popular pup.

2. @itsdougthepug - 3.7m followers 

Doug The Pug may have fewer followers than Jiff Pom, but he has more Instagram likes, with an average of 29,776 per post. This little pug is one of the most famous dogs on social media but has no trouble gaining fame in other avenues, such as starring in a music video and also becoming a best-selling author alongside his owner, Leslie Mosier. The American pup could earn between $7,526 - $12,543 per post.

Doug The Pug has a huge following of 5.9m on Tiktok. His most popular video, having 13.4m views, shows a montage of him with famous faces such as Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish and Ed Sheeran. 

3. @tunameltsmyheart - 2.1m followers

Tuna is a Chihuahua Dachshund crossbreed living in America who has quickly become an internet sensation. The crossbreed has an exaggerated overbite, recessed jaw, and a magnificent wrinkly neck. He’s also an advocate for rescue dogs as he was rescued by his owner, Courtney. 

Tuna has 11,701 average likes and could earn between $4,074 - $6,790 per post. If you want a smile and a laugh, following Tuna on Instagram will provide you with all the positive energy you need!

4. @dolly_pawton - 191k followers

Dolly Pawton is an adorable and sassy Chihuahua living in London. She’s the global first and only 4-legged Marie Claire columnist and the only dog in the world to have been signed to a human modelling agency. She is thriving online with her own website and an average of 6,591 likes on Instagram.

She now has an engagement rate of 3.57% and has the potential to earn between $573 - $955 per post.

Dolly covers many topics on her Instagram, including fashion, LGBTQ+, travel and lifestyle, and motivation, and has been posting since 2015. 

5. - 44.1k followers

These UK-based dogs have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed with pictures from days at the beach, stunning sunsets and beautiful artwork. The account features the owner's three dogs; Jeanie (Collie Poodle X), Dolly (Cocker Spaniel) and Sybil (Collie X Sheltie). Per post, they receive an average of 394 likes and can earn between $219.75 - $366.25.

6. @roman.around.scotland- 39.3k followers

This Scottish pup has a good engagement rate of 1.05%, and with 402 average likes, he could manage to earn between $195 - $325 per post. Roman is a Border Collie who loves adventure, his posts are all evidence of his travels with a variety of views and the occasional appearance of his brother, a Romanian rescue named Eli.

7. @noodletheminisausage - 18k followers

Noodle is a long-haired Dachshund from Manchester, UK. This pupfluencer has 18k followers on Instagram and a whopping 283.9k followers on Tiktok, resulting in a total of 19.2m likes on the platform. On average, Noodle has a  prospective earning of between $106.5 - $177.5 per post. He has a great engagement rate of 9.29% and gets 1,459 average likes on Instagram. 

8. @bob_boris_cavapoos - 22.2k followers

These two pups have an engagement rate of 1.10% and could earn anywhere between $132.75 - $221.25 per paid post. Bob and Boris are Cavapoo siblings living in Bedfordshire, born in 2016, they are the perfect doggy duo. They love to pose in patterned harnesses and bow ties and love influencer life with their collaborations making frequent appearances on their Instagram feed. 

9. @meetxmillie - 16.4k followers

Millie is a pupfluencer living in England. Her Instagram feed is bright and colourful with her golden fur bringing every post together. This pup supports many businesses and although she doesn’t have as many followers as some of the other pupfluencers, she has a fantastic engagement rate of 6.08% and can earn $107.25 - $178.75 per post on her Instagram. 

10. @whippet_named_lyra - 8,597 followers

With the potential of earning $68.25 - $113.75 per post, Lyra is described as a nervous but kind and loveable whippet, her posts and feed act as a daily diary into her life and show what she gets up to. She is growing her following on her social media with 8,597 followers and 77 average likes, her career is only on the up! 

Our thoughts on pupfluencing

Who doesn’t want a daily dose of cute dogs on their social media feed? If you’re feeling low or just need a smile, adorable pups are definitely going to cheer you up! While we love all things dogs, we must also share the importance of why sharing accurate information on these social accounts is vital.

Many pupfluencing accounts promote items such as dog food, dog toys and supplements which are not healthy for the animals or advise on areas of dog health in which they are not qualified or experienced. It’s important for these popular accounts to share accurate and honest information with their followers and anyone visiting their page for advice.

Ultimately, petfluencers are a huge market and dogs and their owners make a small fortune by posting their feel-good content across social media. Our team of experts urge owners to be responsible with their posting and fact-check the content they’re putting out to their audience.

For more information on dog wellbeing and nutrition, please visit our Help & Advice page.



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