Practical ways to calm your dog during Bonfire Night fireworks

Practical ways to calm your dog during Bonfire Night fireworks

For many of us, the thought of fireworks will fill us with dread as it signals a period of pure terror for our beloved dogs. Whether it be the loud bangs or flashing lights, our dogs can find these few weeks very traumatic.

There are many things we can do to help protect our dogs at this time and to create a safe and calm environment for them. Read on for our top tips below:

  • Make sure that your house and garden are escape proof. We don’t want your dog to suddenly bolt if they get scared.
  • Close your windows and curtains and turn on the lights. Put the TV or radio on. This will help to block out sound and light.
  • Time your evening walkies so you go before dark and try a longer route than normal. Engage your dog in some brain training exercises too. This will help ensure they are tired and wanting to sleep.
  • Create a “safe place” for your pooch. A little safe haven such as a crate or under their favourite blanket to help muffle sound. We want somewhere they can get away from everything that is scary.
  • Don’t shut your dog in a room or crate as an escape route if necessary to deal with fear. We don’t want your dog to hurt themselves if they panic and try to look for a way out. In fact, just don’t leave them alone. Having you around will help them to relax.
  • Try and encourage your dog to go to the toilet before it gets dark and don’t let them out again until after the fireworks curfew if you can help it. Always accompany them in the garden if there is a firework risk.
  • Stay calm and snuggle with your pooch. They are perceptive and will pick up on how you are feeling so send happy, calm vibes their way.

Always ensure your microchip details are up to date in case your dog find a way to run off. It may also be worthwhile having a collar and tag on your dog during firework season.  Many dogs will just run in a blind panic if they have been scared and so this really is essential.

If you find your dog is getting anxious when fireworks are going off, try distracting them with games and reward calm behaviour. A Lickimat smeared in our Peanut Butter is a great distraction.  Chews such as Yak Attack, Lamb Horn, Bully Braids will help release calming endorphins. Never tell your dog off as it will only add to their distress. If you find your dog is really getting stressed then consult your vet. Signs of extreme stress could be panting, shaking, a thumping chest or eye staring. It’s unhealthy for them to be like this for prolonged periods.

Consider buying our Keep Calm Tonic and Calm and Relaxed Treats during this period as a natural solution to help your dog’s anxiety. Made with fresh ingredients including chamomile, valerian root and hood wort, our tonic has natural calming properties to help relieve anxiety.

We hope this helps and that your pooches stay safe this firework season.

Laura, Dolly & Reggie xx