Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

You may have noticed that your dog often appears to have developed a taste for the green stuff, whether out on a walk or just whilst playing in the garden.  It is commonly assumed that dogs eat grass when they are feeling poorly but this isn’t always the case, in fact many professionals dispute this idea on the basis that dogs are not proven to be intelligent enough to try and treat their upset stomach by eating grass.

Dogs and puppies eating grass is incredibly common, many wild dogs will eat grass as well as feasting on grass eating animals such as rabbits (the grass in the animal’s stomachs is usually ingested too along with the rest of the carcass).  Most vets thereby consider grass eating a normal behaviour in dogs.  There may be cause for concern if your dog regularly eats grass and vomits – in this case we would recommend chatting to your vet.

Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

Most dogs that eat grass are not unwell beforehand, or at least they don’t seem to be. In fact, looking at figures online, fewer than 10% of dogs seem to be poorly before eating grass, according to their owners.  And grass-eating doesn’t usually lead to vomiting -- less than 25% of dogs that eat grass vomit regularly after eating it.

Maybe your dog is eating grass to improve their digestion, possibly they have some untreated intestinal worms (this can be checked with a simple Wormcount), or possibly they need more fibre in their diet (our Veggie Crumble is the perfect way to increase fibre content in both raw and dry food).

Anecdotally, customers tell us about their dogs that have been eating grass regularly but once they switch to a higher quality food (whether ours or another goo brand), the grass eating stops which suggests something was missing from the previous diet.  Dragonfly Dry Dog Food has a high meat content and balanced natural fibre – it may be worth trying a sample pack or two to see what your dog thinks.

Also, once we consider all of these possibilities, it could just be that your dog simply likes the way grass tastes or feels.

Should I Stop My Dog from Eating Grass? If So, How?

If you suspect your dog is eating grass because they are bored, it would be beneficial to consider whether you are giving them enough exercise.  Engage them in some fun activities – take them outside to chase a ball, use one of our Snuffle Mats for some playtime enrichment, load up a Lickimat with something tasty (natural yoghurt and liver crumble is always a hit in our house) and let them enjoy cleaning the mat.

I hope this gives you some ideas on dealing with your grass eating pooch!

Laura, Dolly & Reggie x