Travelling with dogs – what to pack for your staycation?

Travelling with dogs – what to pack for your staycation?

For obvious reasons, holidaying in the UK is very popular this year. Although the weather isn’t always as good as abroad, the feeling of taking your dog away with you more than makes up for it! (Unless they demand a very long walk in the pouring rain then the novelty wears off briefly!) 

It’s so important when taking your dog away with you, that you keep them as safe as possible. We have put together a packing list to ensure you have everything you need so that you can enjoy a relaxing break and your dog can have the time of their life too! 

MAKE sure your dog is microchipped. It is the law now that all dogs should be microchipped. It is even more important when you are taking your dog away from home and in to an unfamiliar area.

GET a dog tag engraved with the address of where you are staying on holiday. This is a quick, easy and cheap way of maximising the chances of your dog being returned to you if they do get lost.

TAKE a good supply of their normal food. Sudden changes in diet can affect a dog’s tummy. If you need more food whilst away, we deliver raw, dry and wet food nationwide (usually next day delivery), so just order on our website as normal and we can deliver to you whilst you are on your hols! 

IF you feed your dog raw food, invest in one of our defrost boxes. This will save any leaks on worktops or in the fridge.

ENSURE that your dog has a well fitted collar and preferably an harness to decrease the chances of them slipping their lead or causing injury.

DON’T get caught short! Make sure you have a good supply of poo bags with you! There is nothing worse than having to use a tissue or even a leaf (yes, I speak from experience!) to pick up your dog’s poop! Our poo bags are made from cornstarch and are super thick and strong and they are compostable too!  

CONSIDER buying our ‘First Aid Kit in a Bottle’ Colloidal Silver. Perfect for popping in your pocket when out and about with your dog. Helps reduce pain, inflammation and infection. 

PACK some doggy sunscreen. Dogs can suffer with sunburn too so ensuring that they are protected from harmful rays is important. Our Hot Dog Sunscreen is made from natural ingredients and offers ultimate protection for your pooch.

REDUCE car sickness with our Keep Calm tonic and Calm & Relaxed Treats.  Many dogs get travel sick through anxiety, these natural, gentle products help to alleviate the anxiety and thus reducing the sick feeling.

Enjoy your break, wherever you go!

Laura, Dolly & Reggie x