What are the health benefits of owning a dog?

What are the health benefits of owning a dog?

It comes as no surprise that pet ownership levels in the UK have jumped by 18% over the last year. With our increased time at home and the need for comfort throughout the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us have reached out for furry friends.  

Owning a pet is more than just having a companion, it is a lifestyle we choose to adopt which brings with it numerous benefits for our health both mentally and physically.  

Read on for our top 7 health benefits.

1.     Dogs help us to stop stressing out

There are multiple studies that show that dogs help alleviate stress.  Stroking and interacting with dogs can lower anxiety and blood pressure whilst elevating our serotonin and dopamine levels – these are the nerve transmitters known to have calming properties.

2.     Dogs help us to combat loneliness

A dog offers unconditional love, emotional support and constant cuddles.  They are an open book.  Regardless of what is going in our human world, we can always be sure that our dog will want nothing more than our love and care and in return we will feel useful and needed.

3.     Dogs lead to an improved social life

What with puppy parties, doggy day care and play parks, dogs quite often lead to increased social interaction with like-minded dog owners.  Walking with our dog makes us more approachable and gives people common ground to start conversations.  Whether it be one-off social interactions or the foundations for a deeper friendship, having a dog opens up a whole new world. Nobody can resist an adorable pooch!

4.     Dogs add structure to our days

When life feels a little chaotic, owning a dog could help to restore calm and order.  Dogs require structure and our mental health will benefit from the routine they demand. 

5.     Dogs encourage us to move

Owning a dog could be the kick-start we all need to start leading a more active life.  Each breed will bring their own energy levels and so it is important to find a dog that fits with our lifestyle but one thing that is guaranteed, that dog will love to walk!

6.     Dogs make us happier

Whether it be their comedy genius or the endless kisses and cuddles, your dog will know a way to bring a smile to your face and expand your heart.

7.     Dogs help us deal with health problems

It has been well researched that dogs can help detect human disease and that they can help manage a variety of illnesses.  For example, some dogs have been trained to sniff out certain cancers whilst others soothe their owners who suffer with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.  It really is no wonder that these marvellous creatures are “man’s (or woman’s!) best friend”.

Hope you found this useful.

Laura, Dolly & Reggie xxx