Should my dog wear a coat in winter?

Should my dog wear a coat in winter?

Do dogs need coats?

Many of us enjoy pampering our pooches and investing in some quality clothing is just one way to do it.  But is dog clothing practical as well as fashionable?

There are several characteristics that make certain dog breeds susceptible to the cold:

  • Small dogs will feel the cold when outside for extended periods. Their tiny bodies mean it is harder for them to retain heat. 
  • Breeds from a warmer climate such as the Chihuahua who has travelled all the way from Mexico or the Afghan Hound will not be accustomed to the colder temperatures.
  • Dogs with a fine coat of hair will also feel the cold as their fur offers little protection. Dogs with a lean physique such a Greyhound or a Whippet can often be spotted shivering in the cold.
  • A compromised immune system in dogs can lead to illness such as Cushing’s Disease which could affect their coats therefore making them feel the cold more than they previously would.

There are of course other benefits to dog coats aside from the warmth they offer.  A coat will help them stay clean. Hopefully when your pooch decides to roll in grass, mud or something a little more offensive(!) the coat will bear the brunt!

At this time of year, our dogs might start to feel the cold and therefore a coat is a great idea to give them then extra layer of warmth - however don’t just reach for the first coat on the shelf!  Think of your dog’s comfort.

Are there toggles or zips that will irritate them?

What is the fabric?

Will it fit properly? Make sure you measure your dog accurately before buying. A dog coat that doesn’t fit well or that is too close-fitting may hinder their mobility.

Is it designed to be waterproof, showerproof, insulating or high vis?

Can you put a harness on with it?

The bottom line is that wearing a coat is beneficial in many ways during the winter months.  Always be cautious of having coats on indoors as your dog is at risk of overheating but, a coat to keep them cosy on those winter walks is a great way to show you care.

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Hope you found this useful.  Dolly loves her Cloud Chaser jacket (to protect her curly fur) and Reggie has the Vert (his coat is a lot finer than Dolly's).

Laura, Dolly & Reggie xxx