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How to help dogs keep cool in hot weather

While different breeds of dogs cope with heat differently, flat-face breeds of those with shorter snouts are definitely at more risk of suffering from heatstroke. But with temperatures hitting 30+ degrees taking the risk of exercising any breed of dog in such extremes could have devastating consequences.

As a rule of thumb, anything above 20C can cause your dog to become dehydrated and very hot very quickly. The hotter the temperature, the higher the risk to your dog. As the temperature increases, even by just 1C, the risk to your dog increases too.

To help alleviate boredom from lack of walks, and to help your dog keep cool in the hot weather we’ve rounded up some of our best-selling hot weather products.

Water on Tap

Water accounts for 60% of your dog's body weight, so it’s vital they have access to fresh water throughout the day. If your dog is going to be on their own for any period of time, make sure they have access to plenty of water by doubling up on bowls.

You could also freeze the second one, allowing it to slowly melt throughout the day ensuring your dog has access to cold water.

We’re loving this Mason Cash Black and Cream Splatter Bowl with Gold Rim to add a touch of style, but definitely don’t freeze this one!

Cooling Mat

Cooling mats provide a temperature reduction of 7 degrees, helping to cool your dog’s body when the mercury starts rising.

They don’t need cooling in a fridge beforehand and last for several hours. Perfect for use on its own, or on top of your dog’s bed

We offer a range of sizes, no matter the breed.


LickiMat’s are a big favourite here at Dragonfly Products! Perfect for daily feeding, especially to reduce the speed at which your dog eats, they’re also great for alleviating boredom, especially when topped with a treat.

We recommend mashing a banana or other dog-friendly fruit, spreading it with peanut butter or natural yoghurt which can be topped with our range of supplements before popping it in the freezer for an hour or two before serving up to your pup.


Just like LickMat’s, Kongs can provide hours of entertainment and are ideal for those dogs who like a chew, or puppies who are still going through the teething stage.

Fill with treats and pop in the freezer ready to grab when your dog is feeling frustrated or hot and bothered!

Hot Dog Sunscreen

While we don’t advocate walking dogs in such high temperatures, it’s worth being mindful that even when it’s cloudy and a little cooler, the sun’s rays can still burn.

Our Hot Dog Sunscreen is made in the UK, is 100% natural, lick safe, water resistant and is insect repellent. It can be applied all over your dog, but particularly in areas where there isn’t much fur coverage such as the snout, face, ears, lips, belly and groin.

Keep Calm!

With hot weather, often comes thunderstorms, so for those dogs who are bothered by loud bangs our Keep Calm range is perfect to help reduce feelings of anxiousness.

Available as a tonic to add to food, or direct to mouth. We also stock as a soothing candle and a safe for dogs essential oil.

All perfect for summer holiday travel too if your dog feels anxious in the car or with a change of scenery!

Doggy Ice Cream

For those visiting us in store at our Slaithwaite premises on the outskirts of Huddersfield, you can pick up a tub of doggy ice cream, or frozen kefir paws.

Our ice cream for dogs is specially made with reduced lactose milk, and boosted with a natural joint supplement containing Glucosamine and Vitamin C for joint and muscle support.

While the Kefir Paws are packed full of nutrition and are a great source of vitamins B12, B2, D and magnesium. Much more powerful than any yoghurt, they contain over 30 strains of powerful, good and friendly yeasts making it a diverse probiotic source, ideal for helping to treat “itchy dogs”! If you’re ordering online, then check out Boil and Broth Kefir Water. Keep in the fridge and pour over your dog's food!

If you need any guidance or support on how to take the best care of your dog, don’t hesitate to contact us!