How do I keep my dog cool during summer?

How do I keep my dog cool during summer?

Signs that your dog is feeling the heat include excessive panting, lethargy, drooling and changes in gum colour or tongue (either bright or dark red). 

Ideally, you need to keep your dog as cool as possible; this means avoiding walking during the hottest part of the day (or finding a cool wood with a stream), ensuring water is readily available at all times and possibly even put a doggy paddling pool in your garden.

Whilst your dog is enjoying a bit of ‘down’ time, we have some great ideas to keep them entertained (and cool!)

A Licki Mat is a great treat mat that you can use to keep your dog still and happy.  Spread natural yogurt on and then sprinkle some of dog’s favourite toppers like our liver crumble. You could also spread mushed up fruits such as strawberries and bananas.  To make them last even longer (and can also help with the keeping cool) pop the prepared mat into the freezer present them with a delicious frozen treat!

We also stock frozen Kefir Paws and Bone Broth which are a perfect summer’s day treat which not only keeps them cool but is also filled with probiotics and a whole load of goodness for your dog!  *Please note these items can only be bought in store or via our DPD Raw Food Courier service.

Finally, another great treat is to put fruits and veggies such as peas and apples into your dog’s water bowl or paddling pool, so they have to dip their head in to get them out which then also encourages to them to drink more water. Also, did you know our Just Meat Little Trainers float when in water so these could also be used! 

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