What is a slow feeder?

What is a slow feeder?

What is a slow feeder?

A slow feeder is a brilliant investment if your dog inhales their food! Not only will it help reduce the eating speed, but it will also help reduce the bloating and discomfort that comes from eating too fast. There are so many varieties of slow feeders out there, that one of them will be perfect for your dog’s needs.


Wondering how it will work?

Well, a slow feeding bowl has a couple of clever tricks that will stop your dog eating like he has never been fed. Bowls are either divided into multiple smaller sections like our Lickimat Slomo, whilst others are covered in a textured surface, so your dog has to lick the food off from the bowls surface like with the Lickimat Buddy. Did you know that slow feeder bowls are also a great choice for puppies!


What are the benefits of a slow feeder bowl?

Apart from slowing down the eating speed to reduce bloating and avoiding choking by stopping your dog from gulping down food, slow feeder bowls are a great choice for your dog’s mental wellbeing too. The licking action releases endorphins which is great for reducing stress and anxiety in dogs because it promotes calm behaviour.

Keeping your dog interested at mealtimes is great for enrichment purposes, a slow feeder will encourage your dog to work for their food whilst incorporating an element of fun, altogether slowing down the speed of which your dog eats!

By eating their food slower, a dog’s digestive system is given the time to process the food gradually, compared to before where eating too fast would allow for air to get trapped too, so another benefit of the slow feeder is that your dog’s digestive system will thank you!

Here at Dragonfly Products, we have a range of different slow feeders to suit your dogs need. A larger dog that gets a little too excited at mealtimes might suit the Pet Dream house Go Slow Feeder because it has rubber feet that will prevent the bowl from sliding across the floor, whereas a smaller dog will benefit from our Slow Feeder Bowl with its fan shaped inserts, making it harder to get to the food.

As well as being great for mealtimes, slow feeders are a brilliant choice for giving treats from too! Reggie loves a big dollop of doggy peanut butter sprinkled with liver crumble on his to keep him entertained for a little while.

Try a slow feeder and see what the difference it can make for your dog.

Laura, Dolly & Reggie x