What is a Yak Bar?

What is a Yak Bar?

What are Yak bars made from?

Yak bars are a blend of Yak and Cow milk that are combined to make a cheese. A splash of lime juice and a pinch of salt help to combine the milk to form the cheese, which is even vegetarian.

How are they made?

Made in the Himalayans, the cheese is compressed into blocks wrapped in muslin cloth, which gives them the effect of dimples on the side. The blocks are then smoke dried using traditional methods for 28 days!

My Yak Bar is a different colour to my last one, why?

Don’t panic, every Yak Bar will differ in colour due to the smoking process. Each chew is gradually moved away from the traditional smokers over a 4-week period, giving them their own individual colour. So don’t worry if your Yak Bar is a different colour to the last one. A darker colour just means that the Yak Bar was exposed to a bit more smoke than the others.

How do I store my Yak Bar?

Yak Bars will keep for years, the older they are, the better they get! Just keep your Yak Bar in a cool and dry place to keep it in the best condition. Yak Bars have a 5-year shelf life!

How old does my dog need to be to have a Yak Bar?

Yak Bars are suitable from 4 months old, meaning your dog can enjoy them from been a pup. Just make sure you always supervise your dog with chews.

Are they high in fat?

At only 5.2%, Yak Bars are low in fat because the cheese is made from skimmed milk. The cream is also removed in the process, so your dog can enjoy our Yak Bars with no worries.

They contain salt, isn’t that bad for my dog?

In large amounts, salt is harmful, however our Yak Bars use the tiniest amount of salt to make them, so there is no need to stress. The salt content is less than 0.1%!

Aren’t dog’s lactose intolerant?

Not all dogs are lactose intolerant, however if they are, our Yak Bars contain less than 1% lactose.  This is because the cream and the whey are removed from the milk in the manufacturing process, meaning lactose levels are very low.


When your dog only has 2cm or so left of our Yak Attack Bar, pop it in your microwave for 30 seconds.  The piece will puff up just like popcorn.  This helps reduce the risk your dog gulping down the last morsel of a natural dog chew whole.

We hope your dog has hours of fun with their Yak Attack Bar!

Laura, Dolly & Reggie xxx