What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?

What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?

What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?

I'm a huge fan of healthy treats for pups.

So many of the commercially available treats in supermarkets and big brand pet stores are stuffed full of nasties that you wouldn't feed your children, so why feed them to your dog (I know, I know there's irony there - you wouldn't feed your children pigs ears either but you know what I'm saying!)?

So when having your Sunday Dinner, consider saving your leftover veg and letting your dog try it.  You never know, you may end up with a new favourite daily snack on your hands that literally costs pence.

For raw feeders and kibble feeders alike, veg is a great, nutritious extra to add to your dog's food.  You don't have to count it in their daily allowance as they're not going to gain weight from eating it.  It can also help 'bulking' out food for doggies on a diet!  We love our Veggie Crumble Food Topper as an easy way to add interest to raw and dry food.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Vegetables or Should You Cook Vegetables For Your Dog?

Both are fine.  Personally I find Dolly & Reggie (my crazy duo) enjoys their veg lightly steamed.  Many argue that they lose vital nutrients by cooking it, but if you don't boil it to mush, it retains many of those vital nutrients and is a little more palatable for most dogs.  If your dog is happy to eat it raw that's even better (and easier - I'm a big fan of 'easier')!

I  always save leftover veg that has no sauce, butter or salt on it, stick it in a large freezer bag and add a handful to every meal for Dolly and Reggie.  You can also do extra when you are cooking family meals too if you want to be really organised.  Equally, use up broccoli stems, carrot ends, outer cabbage leaves etc as these are all perfectly safe to feed your pooch and reduces food waste too!  Happy days!

Which Vegetables Are Safe For Dogs?

Most veg are safe for dogs however, it is prudent to always do a quick Google check before feeding them.  Onion and garlic are a BIG no no.  Root veg, squashes, green leafy veg, mini sweetcorn (NEVER full size corn on the cob - the centre is dangerous as it can't be digested), broccoli etc are just a few ideas to get you started!

So there you have it - do you already feed veg and if so, let us know which is a firm favourite!

Laura, Dolly & Reggie x