What Dog Treats Are Suitable For A Dog On A Low Purine Diet?

What Dog Treats Are Suitable For A Dog On A Low Purine Diet?

Why do some dogs need a low purine diet?

Uric acid is derived from purine. Some dogs require a diet that is low in purine as they cannot break down uric acid in their bodies. Eating low purine foods can help to reduce the formation of the uric acid. If a low purine diet is not followed in a dog with this problem it can lead to kidney stones and other more serious conditions.

High Purine Foods

Purines are found in meat, especially organ meats. Other meats generally high in purines include duck, venison, sardines and mackerel. While most vegetables are relatively low in purines, there are exceptions that should not be fed to vulnerable dogs. 

Low Purine Foods

While all meats contain some amount of purines, some don't contain sufficient numbers to affect dogs prone to urate stones. These include;

  • Most poultry with the exception of duck and goose
  • White fish
  • Beef*
  • Lamb*
  • Pork*

(*low to moderate levels)

A Raw Diet

A raw food diet without organ meat (offal) and with none of the high purine meat types is particularly good for all breeds with a purine metabolism problem. At Dragonfly, we stock a really varied range of raw diets, single protein raw, meat and vegetable/fruit raw and raw with bones in.

Low Purine Treats Ideas

We also stock a wide range of treats suitable for dogs following a low purine diet.

Please do speak to your vet for further advice and guidance. The above is a very general summary and may not be suited to individual dogs.

Laura, Dolly & Reggie xxx