Colloidal Silver Spray

Dragonfly Products


Colloidal silver is a MUST for any dog first aid kit. Our colloidal silver contains the purest silver and should be applied to the affected area directly a few times a day.

Dubbed the antibiotic of the natural world: it has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal healing properties. The spray can be applied topically to inflammation, burns, cuts and grazes amongst having many more uses.  

The Silver spray can be used to aid ear, eye, throat and yeast infections. It is worth noting that a probiotic should be used alongside colloidal silver if being used orally. The uses are endless…

Store out of direct sunlight. Suitable to use on folds, ears, paws, skin, tail pockets, eyes and for internal use too.

Supplied in a 100ml spray bottle.

Suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks of age.

Contains: Distilled water, 99.9% Purest Silver, 20ppm.


Age Suitability
8 weeks+
Free From
Additives, Flavourings, Gluten, Grain,
Distilled Water, Purest Silver 20ppm,
Pack Weight
Region of Origin
Shelf Life
18 months