Chicken Mix Variety Pack

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  • Suitable from 12 weeks+
  • Chew rating 2: Requires some effort
  • Variety of proteins
  • Supports Dental Health & Allergies
  • EU sourced

Our Chicken Mix Chew Pack is filled with delicious, healthy treats for those dogs who love chicken or have a limited diet due to allergies. A variety of chicken treats from our range, selected to be suitable for most dogs of all ages. The chew pack includes a diverse range of chews from chicken feet packed full of chondroitin to our ‘Just Meat’ Chicken Training Treats.

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The chicken mix variety pack includes a healthy amount of tasty, single protein dog chews and treats that are perfect for most sizes of dogs and puppies. The pack includes all the chicken chews that we have on offer ranging from small treats to longer lasting chews. Our natural chews are full of protein with the added bonus of joint support because of their high level of chondroitin - some of the treats are even safe for cats!  The chicken chew pack was combined for dogs that suffer with allergies or have a limited diet where our other packs may not be suitable - we didn't want those dogs missing out! The variety packs are a great way to try new chews without committing to buying a full pack. 

Included in this pack is:

8 x Chicken Necks 

8 x Chicken Feet 

3 x Chicken Strips 

75g x Little Trainers ‘Just Meat’ Chicken Training Treats

50g x Chicken Hearts 

Our Chicken chew pack is suitable to give to puppies from 12 weeks of age. However, we always recommend that dogs and puppies are supervised when they are offered any type of treat, no matter how old or young they are. They should also always have free access to fresh, clean water.

Ingredients100% Chicken

  • 100% UK and EU sourced ingredients -  only the best quality UK & EU sourced ingredients go into our treats and no dubious quality imported ingredients are ever used
  • 100% grain and gluten free, no artificial flavours added - 100% unsmoked chicken chews, no flavourings or spices added. These natural dogs treats don’t contain any wheat, grains, corn, soy, gluten and definitely no fillers! They are a great treat for dogs with allergies.
  • Great source of Chondroitin – Chicken treats are a great source of Chondroitin which is great for joint health and support, as well as being a natural healthy chew. 
  • Hand packed with care in resealable packaging – our chicken chew mix is packaged in re-sealable packaging for freshness. These nutritious treats can be stored for months and any odours are well contained
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – if your dog does not like our chicken variety pack treats, no problem. We will refund the cost without any fuss


Food Type
Age Suitability
12 weeks+
Chew Rating
2 - Requires some effort!
Size Suitability
Small , Medium , Large , Extra-Small ,
Primary Ingredients
Region of Origin

Health & Nutrition

Free From
Additives, Flavourings, Gluten, Grain,
Quick Snack, Dental Health,
Single Protein
Shelf Life
18 months
Variety Pack

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I have a dog with so many allergies so this pack works for us as he can only have poultry
Rated 5 out of 5