Buster Body Suit for Dogs


The Bodysuit from Buster is a protective shirt for your dog. The shirt stops your dog from licking, biting or scratching a wound after surgery or when it is wounded. This promotes the healing of the affected area. The Buster Bodysuit is made of elastic cotton.

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When your dog has to have surgery or is wounded, you want the affected area to heal as quickly as possible. The Buster Bodysuit is an elastic and protective shirt for your dog. The shirt stops your dog from licking, biting or scratching a wound. Thanks to the double layer of material around the stomach, you can also place pads in the shirt. This also makes it suitable for incontinent dogs or dogs that are in season.


  • Extremely comfortable to wear thanks to the elastic cotton
  • Your dog retains freedom of movement
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Machine washable at 40°C

How do I put the Buster Bodysuit on my dog?

Put your dog's head through the appropriate opening and then pull its front paws through the openings one by one. Pull the Bodysuit as far back over your dog's body as possible. You can now pull the tail through the tail opening and attach the back flap between your dog's back paws with Velcro. Finally, you can fasten the press studs.

For use

  • After surgery
  • Wound care
  • Hotspots
  • Skin diseases
  • Incontinence
  • In season

The body length is measured from the neck to the base of the tail.

S - 42cm
M - 46cm
L - 53cm

What if the Bodysuit doesn't fit?

The Bodysuit can be removed from the packaging and held up next to your pet in order to check whether it fits. For hygiene reasons, the shirt cannot be returned if it has come into contact with your pet. If we find that the returned Bodysuit is stained, worn, contains dog hair, smells or has been washed after use, we cannot return the product to you. In this event, it will be donated to a charity (local shelter). As we are often confronted with products that are returned in a less than new condition, we have to apply these rules for fitting and/or returning products.


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