Ancol Flashing Dog Band Collar


The perfect solution to dark, winter walks.  This USB charged flashing band simply fits around your dogs neck as an extra safety measure in low light.

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  • Simply clips around your dog's neck for instant illumination for 500 metres, making your dog unmissable
  • 70cm long, but the soft plastic outer and circuit can be cut to ensure a better fit
  • 3 light settings, flashing, speedy flash and constant light
  • Water resistant so safe in light rain
  • USB recharge
  • Available in orange, yellow and blue.

The band will need to be charged for at least 30 minutes. When the band is fully charged, the charging light will go off. When fully charged the band will last for 1.5 hours of constant light or up to 4 hours of flashing light.

Follow instructions to cut to size.


Accessory Type
Blue, Orange, Yellow,

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5 / 5
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SUPER bright and works perfectly for dark walks
Rated 5 out of 5

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